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The tsunami of negative sentiment on digital advertising keeps getting stronger.

p— at the heart of all the problems; fake news, fake followers, fake reviews, Russia, brand safety and more. But it does acknowledge that advertising pays for most of the good stuff too.

and Scott Galloway — who build his profile around the Big 4 — the thinks s. Even the language of Big Tech echoes Big Tobacco.

Break ups are now talked about widely and sees him describe a world in perpetual motion, where things are likely to change.

But for those of us who know that the smart use of GAFA drives real value for their businesses, not much changes. We have avoided brand safety issues through recognising that cheap gets you crap in most parts of life. The same attitude has minimised problems with fraud. And our businesses have come to rely on driving business metrics through search social and automated advertising.

A good GQ piece on the many new brands emerging in sportswear makes the point well;

It is good to be aware of these debates and prudent to think how peoples attitudes to their phones may evolve. But the smartest option in marketing right now is being in the vanguard of digital, seizing the opportunity to cost effectively put the right message in front of the right people at the right time, and measure the effect. That’s not going to change any time soon.

Now I would say that wouldn’t I? But listening to the P&G earnings call and hearing them talk of the benefits from Precision Media Buying fueled by Data and Digital Tech suggests its an idea whose time has come. ( )


Much of the coverage of latest Facebook results — and their first ever drop in user numbers — albeit slight. And we saw speculation that Facebook users now spend a billion hours a day on the platform — similar to a year ago.

As ever, digging into the figures is interesting — especially as the rest of world lags so far behind the US. Despite a stellar performance from Europe their ARPU is still only a third of that in the US. Along with the focus on the potential from SMEs — which we mentioned last week — this suggest there is lots more growth here. On the earnings call a number of SMEs were mentioned and .

Instagram gets quite a lot of coverage and that all seems to be going really well but . The way that the product has evolved has been impressive — even though much is inspired by certain people in LA — but maybe the increases in ad load and recommended posts is going too fast?

Within all the negativity, Facebook is the lightning rod. and the privacy concerns are turning into conspiracy theories.


As the ad industry lusts after someone to slow the duopoly momentum, Amazon does seem likely to be the third player. Just as the big agencies are switching money to them, so too are the SMEs that market their products through Amazon. and it’s clear that Google and Facebook are going to be put under some pressure

Morgan Stanley see the opportunity for ads with Amazon, and this is a big factor in their , making the company the first trillion dollar business.

As part of their push to connect online and offline . I am a long time fan of QR codes — and always felt the tech was hindered by poor use cases from poor marketers. We tried very hard to persuade a UK publisher to embrace them but were probably a little early. Now the camera is so central to a smartphone, they make perfect sense and Snap, and others — as well as the — will make them mainstream pretty quickly.


Whilst driven by the EU, the scope of GDPR is global and we are seeing its effect on products and business practices that affect everyone. .

No-one really knows what the effects of GDPR will be, but most agree the impact will be huge. This is . I am writing a paper on the subject for our US clients — if anyone is interested in seeing it, let me know.

One point we are making to everyone we talk with is the value of getting your own first party data in order. Some are looking at smart CRM to gain new enhanced consent and others are looking at how they better use their touchpoints. In retail we think smart ways of getting shopper data will come to the fore and . As is the news that


Hollywood legend and is starting to build his company. Others see the potential in what we call newTV; — including a partnership with Skype.

Just as GAFA sees huge potential in content, so do their Chinese counterparts in BAT. . They have been active in Film for a while and backed Kong a couple of years ago. You can usually tell when Chinese money is involved as one of the lead characters will be Chinese and a local version expands their role to appeal to a Chinese audience.

Hollywood trade bible — a really good read. And this list of the sporting rights GAFA already is illuminating.

Quick Reads

As Google use their Chrome browser to cut down on bad ads t Not that many people know about the Google Ad Manager but we think it be promoted more in the coming months.

Guess what?

. Yes — lots. 2.5m Search clicks on Amazon for example


The idea that paid ads can be used to drive product developments chimed with us.

A16Z are a good source of insight into China and thinking through what that might mean for us in the West. — especially the focus on what Mobile First means. It echoes our concerns over desktop thinking, which limits mobile in so many organisations.

— it’s an audio word processor. As Voice become more and more important tools like this are valuable

Sometimes data can have unexpected consequences —

HyperLocal is still alluring and to give communities a voice.

MondayNote believes publisher should embrace smart curation — given that is essentially what Fix is, we agree.

Finally… Maybe 2018 is finally the Year of mobile. . But name me a good mobile campaign? We are going to Fix that. Want to get involved?

Whats cooking at The Media Kitchen?

I am off to New York next week to work with the team over there and to speak at — an event organised by Ezoic and at the Google offices

Want to make the most of your marketing in 2018 ? We can help as advisers or doers. Whether its media thinking, creative optimisation or tech stack issues we can probably help. Lets talk.

Fix is my thinking rather than that of MediaKitchen. We now have over 5600 subscribers across Google, Facebook, Snap, Yahoo etc as well as many VCs, Brands and Agencies.

If you enjoy it please share it with anyone you think might be interested And are we ?




Pattern Recognition / Strategy / Consulting / Creative Thinking from Simon Andrews — Sharing knowledge through our email newsletter Mobile Fix every Friday

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Pattern Recognition / Strategy / Consulting / Creative Thinking from Simon Andrews — Sharing knowledge through our email newsletter Mobile Fix every Friday

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